Torsion springs


Torsion springs can be of two types:

  • Torsion springstorsion springs — rod working for  torsion (they have a greater length than  twisted springs)
  • twisted springs working for  torsion (as in linen clothespins, in mousetraps and office punches).

Torsion springs are  most often used in equipment  - as clamping springs, return springs and as elastic links of power transmission.

Torsion springs are produced with different number of coils, the ends may be of various design.

Heat treatment of springs allows to keep the shape and elastic properties of the springs throughout their working lifespan.

They are used in engineering, energy, instrument-making, mining, oil and gas, and other industries.

The equipment of the enterprise allows to manufacture disc springs according to drawings and samples of the customer.

Manufacturing of springs of different configurations of hot  coiling from metal sheets of  12-60 mm, an outer diameter of 30-400 mm. Cold coiling from  the wire 0,1 — 12 with outer diameter 1-100 mm. They are produced of  steel GOST 9389-75, 60С2А GOST 14963-78, 51ХФА GOST 14963-78.

If required, a torsion spring is  subjected to anti-corrosion or galvanized finish.

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