Railway springs


The equipment of the enterprise allows to manufacture  springs for locomotives of the ЧМЭ3, ЧМЭ2, ТЭМ1, ТЭМ2, ТЭ3 series and also for other locomotives.

The springs of carriages.
The springs of arch bar truck.
The springs of axlebox suspension.

The springs of electric locomotives ВЛ60, ВЛ80, ЧС4т and others.
The springs of  railway cars of all types.
The springs of dump cars.

Method of manufacturing of railway springs - cold formation from wire with a diameter from 0.4 to 8.0 mm, wire GOST 9389-75, hot formation of metal sheets of 10-60 mm GOST 14963-78.
All springs for railway and rolling stock undergo shot blasting hardening followed by testing for compliance with load parameters.

Railway springs

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