Tension springs


Tension springs are designed to increase the length under load.  In an unloaded state, they typically have closed in coils. At the ends of the  spring fixing on the structure there are hooks or rings, it is also possible to manufacture  springs for the screw. Coils of tension-compression springs under the influence of constant force undergo tension of two types: bending and torsion. Twisted metal springs convert the deformation of the tension of the spring into a torsional deformation of the material from which it is made.

 According to the structure:

  • twisted cylindrical;
  • twisted cone;
  • twisted barrel-shaped

The main characteristics of the tension springs are as following:

  • diameter of spring
  • number of coils
  • wire diameter
  • location and shape of the hooks
  • maximum perceived load
The equipment of the enterprise allows to manufacture tension springs according to drawings and samples of the customer. Manufacturing of springs of different configurations of the hot rolled winding of 12-60 mm, with an outer diameter of 30-400 mm. Cold winding from wire of 0,1 12 with outer diameter of  1-100 mm. They are manufactured of steel -2 GOST 9389-75, 602 - 1496378, 51 GOST 14963-78.

If required, a tension spring is  subjected to greasing or anti-corrosion galvanized finish.


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